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It is a unique guide to the most vivid impressions that you can get by traveling around Belarus.Local residents have sincerely chosen these 100 secrets for you in order to introduce you to the country where everyone can find something to do.In addition, the Belarusians in New York, together with their fellow Americans, organized the “Voices of Freedom” video project; its purpose was to introduce the poetry of modern Belarusian poets to the public in both the original Belarusian language and also in English translation.

First of all, these are the countries without migration problems, Belarus’ strategic partners, the countries that unilaterally apply visa-free entry regulations for Belarusian citizens.

Citizens of Vietnam, Haiti, Gambia, Honduras, India, China, Lebanon, Namibia, and Samoa must have a valid document for traveling abroad with a valid multiple-entry visa of one of the European Union member states or the Schengen Area member states bearing a European Union or Schengen Area entry stamp, and also tickets with a return date from Minsk National Airport.

Nevertheless, these events which took place 100 years ago are considered significant milestones in European history, and are widely celebrated among Belarusians in different countries throughout the world.

According to sources, more than half a million immigrants from Belarus are currently residing in the United States.

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The Republic of Belarus as an independent state was founded in August 1991, yet the evolution of Belarusian statehood began long before that date, and in fact, is more than a few centuries old.

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