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They may also have hospitality venues (such as resorts, camps, hotels, and restaurants) nearby.Wild beaches, also known as undeveloped or undiscovered beaches, are not developed in this manner.The first seaside resorts were opened in the 18th century for the aristocracy, who began to frequent the seaside as well as the then fashionable spa towns, for recreation and health.

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If storms coincide with unusually high tides, or with a freak wave event such as a tidal surge or tsunami which causes significant coastal flooding, substantial quantities of material may be eroded from the coastal plain or dunes behind the berm by receding water.

This flow may alter the shape of the coastline, enlarge the mouths of rivers and create new deltas at the mouths of streams that had not been powerful enough to overcome longshore movement of sediment.

The berm has a crest (top) and a face—the latter being the slope leading down towards the water from the crest.

At the very bottom of the face, there may be a trough, and further seaward one or more long shore bars: slightly raised, underwater embankments formed where the waves first start to break.

The drift line (the high point of material deposited by waves) is one potential demarcation.

This would be the point at which significant wind movement of sand could occur, since the normal waves do not wet the sand beyond this area.

The gentle wave action during this season tends to transport sediment up the beach towards the berm where it is deposited and remains while the water recedes.

Onshore winds carry it further inland forming and enhancing dunes.

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