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Fitted T-shirts from the stuff sell for no less than £165, in contrast to those made from Egyptian, at £65 to £80.It is all expensive casual wear that is made to last as much as feel fabulous.A lot of handwork and special skills go into their making.

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It offers the best dining on Jermyn Street and is perfect for those who are watching their wallets after spending more than intended on clothes and accessories.

Offering excellent, fresh Italian food at moderate prices, Getti is a family-run business with a cool, contemporary setting that feels welcoming for business lunches and family meals alike.

Customers can at least know that they are helping a company survive that supports British manufacturing and has deep Victorian roots in Nottinghamshire.

Trained to make women’s hosiery, Thomas Hall decided in 1860 to find a way to create luxury men’s undergarments.

Since 1994, this 70-seat theatre has been lighting up the evening’s activities on the street after the shops close, providing an often brilliant way to close out the day.

The space used to be part of a restaurant and club in the 1930s and then served as a changing room for the staff of the Spaghetti restaurant next door (now Getti).

Their lasagne always pleases as well; indeed, I’ve never come to the restaurant with friends or family when any food was left on any plates.

Getti also offers entrees of sirloin, steak, liver, veal and grilled chicken, as well as several intriguing seafood dishes.

The restaurant gets very busy at lunchtime, so it is advisable to book ahead.

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