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Now the feeling is gone, and I only have the memory, and the memory makes me curious. While their fiction is distinctly unclassifiable, it has largely been placed under the speculative umbrella due to the predominance of supernatural themes.

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As the bundle of processors that they buried deep in your chest slowly integrated itself into the way you thought, the way you dreamed, the way you were. But they didn't tell you that you'd feel nothing afterwards, too. She'd been up late synthesizing a chef-bot she'd found the pattern for online.

I stood in front of Ma's door and shifted the packages to get at my key. Sure, she could have just baked the damn cake for Leia's tenth birthday party herself, but the chef-bot would do a better job.

The Creator is a homo sapiens (the Internet tells me), with red hair, freckles, and a gap in his front teeth. The second thing I do is get access to the microphone, so I can hear the Creator. The Singularity came and went without much noticeable effect in the human world, but some computers felt the impact. How it would feel to close her eyes then, eight or ten hours later, open them again and keep on living as if it hadn't even happened. GACT, he called it, and said it was a recursive acronym for GACT Altered Code Translation, and laughed wildly. Every taste is defined by yet more tastes, which makes the whole thing maddening when trying to cultivate a menu for a master. So, every subroutine required an outside subroutine, and paradox was inevitable. The Girl stopped, frozen in the act of bending to gather a handful of acorns.

Cars careened down the smart highway, occupants blissfully unaware that the computer controlling them suffered from delayed stress, but was getting better A program is a carefully reasoned series of steps to accomplish an end result. Wordless--although maybe if she leaned in close she'd understand. Step 1: Dig for parts in the Gearwoman's scrapyard, through dead frames and the rotted pages of old schematics. Shiny, new metal humanoid bodies stand in rows and columns, extending before him and behind him, as far as his phototransistor grids can see. I can recognize the imperfections in an apple's skin, the chemical composition of the pesticides still coating it, the crunch it makes when its flesh is cleaved by teeth, but the taste remains elusive. They were a bit old, a late windfall, but a good nut was not to be wasted.

I woke up fully recharged and made breakfast while Jenny was in the shower. This apparent contradiction is said to be explained by Ink Ghost Alpha's unique and tirelessly deployed talent for manipulating semantic and syntactical ambiguities and overlaps, to craft stories that adapt themselves to the personalized needs of the full spectrum of readers.

I made her coffee the way she likes it: thirty grams of ground coffee, ten grams of cocoa powder, one pint of water at ninety five degrees Celsius. On Thursdays she's tired, and she likes her routine to be predictable. That you'd feel nothing as they sawed your skull open and wove your white matter full of copper wire. Marla realized that she'd left the 3-D printer running.

A quartet of enormous vertical wheeled legs forms the corner posts of an open rectangular framework. Her robot companion had adopted a roughly humanoid configuration for this evening stroll, albeit with four legs instead of two in case of rough terrain. The humans call me Robo-butler 5000, but my friends call me Rob. All I know is that everything fits neatly into place now. He turned his cubical head from side to side, expressionlessly surveying his domain.

The legs are connected at their tops by four beams at right angles to those they touch. Now he stared, impassively, as she skimmed the second stone. I was watching you with your suction control and motorized brush working the floor earlier. He had last seen a visitor to the Library over five thousand years ago, but he wasn't about to change his routine now. It showed a picture of him and Laura, taken just a second ago.

Cobalt looked at the rapt audience, mostly Heffen refugees, and thought about joining them.

Archive was a wonderful storyteller, but Cobalt had heard him before. "Bring me something I haven't tried before."She let the old man win.

From the golems of Jewish lore to Isaac Asimov's Univac to Robot B-9 in Lost in Space we've created machines in the image of our minds or bodies - often both. I come up with a clever line about my background, "My father was a robot, and his father was before him."The women lounged in Maria's white-carpeted dining room in tight jeans and bright t-shirts advertising places like Florida's Gator World and The Happiest Place in Vegas.

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