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She hoped when Dee Dee met Godejohn that she would approve of him, but she didn't.

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She also lived with her caregiver mother, Dee Dee, who, Gypsy said, did not allow her to date or go anywhere by herself, so their online relationship had to be kept a secret.

Despite the obstacles, the pair's romance took off online.

'" he said she asked."At first, I freaked out," Godejohn said. because she wanted to be with me, and she said it was the only way to be with me.""I asked her, 'Are you willing to risk everything to have everything? Godejohn then went to Gypsy and Dee Dee's house where he said Gypsy handed him gloves, a knife and duct tape.

He later admitted to police that he stabbed Dee Dee while Gypsy hid in the bathroom.

"People buy knives all the time off the Internet, so it's not a big deal."Five days after Dee Dee was killed, police tracked Gypsy and Godejohn down at his home in Wisconsin and arrested him.

Godejohn's mother told police her son functions at a 15 or 16 year old level.

Gypsy pleaded guilty in July 2016 to second-degree murder.

She is currently serving 10 years in a Missouri state prison."As far as I'm concerned, she's as guilty as I am," Godejohn said.

He told ABC News said he went through with the stabbing because Gypsy told him it was the only way they could be together.

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