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The happiest features of the game -- alignment, the planes, the most popular monsters, the laughter, the best classic dungeon crawls, and even the idea of role-playing beloved characters -- are largely the products ofs his genius. Most people would regard these as the writings of cranks.

I did not select them because they are bizarre -- they are simply what I found. I would appreciate hearing about other available links.

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Yet the evidence below suggests that role-playing teens are actually less likely to suicide.

A Primer on Occult Philosophy The writer restates the familiar Religious Right belief in a monolithic occult conspiracy, also including evolution and acupuncture, introduced by Satan to Nimrod at the Tower of Babel.

Claim the moral high-ground, and tell half-truths or even outright lies. As a medical examiner, the one's I've seen have followed (hours to days) failure of a love relationship, or followed (hours) an episode of physical or verbal abuse by a parent or other very special person; less often, the cause is severe chronic illness.

When you are caught lying, deny everything and invent counter-accusations. A kid who's abused, lacks social skills, or is chronically sick may use fantasy as an escape.

You can add up to five of your own definfed character races.

You can choose your own milieu, from Stone Age to Victorian, and even Planescape.

Buy adult ATVs for trail riding or racing and enjoy the adventure!

She is always pretending to talk on a little plastic toy phone (that doesn't light up or make sounds).

Finally, the psionics system has been integrated into the "Skills and Powers" system.

In response to your suggestions, it is now possible to choose a variety of possible "let's suspend this rule" options.

If player characters are fighting among themselves, it's a sure sign that the DM isn't doing much of a job of creating interesting opponents.

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