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Students are required to be present for the entire course.

An inviting alternative to contemporary hotels, our inn is a unique part of the Falmouth community, offering a glimpse of authentic Cape Cod life, past and present.

An additional upstairs deck offers even more views.

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Today, the Inn offers 80 rooms, some with kitchens...

all with private baths and contemporary conveniences of refrigerators, voicemail, etc.

There’s an outdoor shower for washing off the sand once you’re ready to come back inside.

From the deck, enter into the main gathering space.

Our family-owned and managed Inn began with nine rooms and two bathrooms in our Worthington House, an historic sea captain's home built in 1806, and bombarded eight times by the British in the War of 1812.

Purchased by the Dineen family in 1959, it was the beginning of a decades-long preservation project on one of Falmouth's oldest and most historic streets.

Each laboratory exercise will be under the supervision of a senior faculty member who will be assisted by one or two junior faculty members.

Senior faculty will also give research lectures about their work and lead discussions about topics and concepts covered in the course.

We are, decidedly and unabashedly, a place where things of the past are not only preserved, but genuinely preferred to the generic atmosphere of many lodging options, today.

At Shore Way Acres, guests will find authenticity in our historic surroundings, in our hospitable staff and in our other guests.

Watch the waves roll in from an Adirondack chair or hammock.

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