Advice attracting dating tip woman

Find some simple dress shirts, polo shirts and black dress shoes that can work in both formal and casual settings.

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Feel free to compliment her, but don't come across as desperate.

Compliment specific things, such as her outfit, her hair or her ideas. Maintain confidence and don't let rejection get you down.

I’m not saying you can’t check out younger women when you’re alone, but when you’re together, this is an absolute no-no.

Nature’s paradox is the sexes have never been aligned properly.

When I was 23, my friend taught me one of life’s greatest lessons: Older women make decisions fast.

It was this that led to my first experience with an older woman.

That’s why your older women isn’t interested in men her own age. They are ready to settle into middle age and she feels like a teenager. She suddenly feels like she’s got a Ferrari between her legs.

But that is your good fortune and why you have the best chance to seduce a hot older women, especially if you follow these simple tips.

She’d come to the beach for the weekend for the same reason I had: to get laid and have fun.

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