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Alex ended the relationship because she didn't only want to be Paige's "lapdog." The two went on to date other people, but found their way back to each other in Season 6.

The two first met in the fourth season of Degrassi: The Next Generation during their junior year at Degrassi Community School.

Both girls originally could not stand each other, with their encounters often resulting in verbal catfights.

The incident results in an argument between the girls, with Paige seemingly coming out as the winner in the end.

In Islands in the Stream, Paige reluctantly starts working with Alex at a movie theater concession stand in order to pay her boyfriend Spinner Mason back for the damages on his car.

This tension eventually turned into friendship when they were forced to work together at a local movie theatre consession.

Their romantic relationship began in the fifth season.

Despite Paige's initial reluctance, the two began to date.

As graduation loomed closer for them, Paige's big future shone brightly while Alex's did not.

However, Alex said, "Ellie, just because Princess Prissy talks to you doesn't mean you have to answer." An annoyed Paige then left and Ellie sighed.

As Paige and Marco Del Rossi are walking through the hallway in King of Pain, Paige trips over Alex's legs.

Alex even "rewards" Paige for her good cleaning skills with a bag of candy.

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