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This leaves many without redress against violence or exploitation.This is most obvious where commercial sex is highly criminalised.

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Migrant, indigenous, trans and drug-using sex workers are particularly vulnerable to these administrative and minor criminal infractions.

However, the nature and extent of the use of these provisions are masked because they do not usually generate court cases or documentation.

In addition, administrative law affects both the work and private lives of sex workers through business and health regulations, fiscal rules, and local ordinances and policies.

These govern where and how sex can be sold, and what workplaces, facilities and services sex workers can access.

Illegality and stigma prevent sex workers from benefiting from regulations, criminal law and anti-discrimination provisions that can protect other workers and people.

Because labour law does not usually apply to sex work and because sex workers are ineligible to form or join unions and as a result commercial sex workplaces are often exploitative, unhealthy and physically unsafe.

Lacking civil rights also means sex workers may be unable to complain about crimes against them.

They may also be unable to enforce contracts, claim welfare, borrow money, or make civil claims in family and property matters in courts.

A further complication is that sex work laws are not necessarily uniform in each country.

They vary in federations such as Australia, Germany, the US and Mexico.

Most law reforms have, instead, replaced repealed criminal provisions with regulations requiring licensing, mandatory condom use or medical screening, or restrictions on freedom of movement or association. It is the approach taken in Germany, Hungary and parts of Australia other than NSW.

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