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"We're still trying to get away from a lot of the stereotypes," Nick said. I think our aspirations are so large." What is it that they want?

Amy, who took some classes in marking at Berklee College of Music, cleverly responded, "We want it all! Dustin: Nick, has Amy done anything romantic for you?

Also starring: Daniel Roebuck as Rick Bettina Guest starring: Clarence Clemons Special guest star: Giancarlo Esposito Nash and the SIU find themselves chasing after renegade Internal Affairs cops after unwittingly triggering one of their investigations.

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to Seattle, the partners in both life and music revealed some secrets about their relationship, discussed their music and teased about Nick going shirtless.

Dustin Fitzharris: I'm sure you're sick of this question, but I have to ask -- are you two ever going to get married?

"We've talked about it, but we haven't really thought about dates yet."Heidemann added: "We're, like, nervous about it now because before we had planned this little wedding, it was going to be really understated, and that's what we wanted at the time, and now we're like, 'The rest of the world is kind of watching'."[AOL] put us on this list of most anticipated weddings.

We're like, 'Oh geez, we better do this right', and that will take time."Karmin released their first single 'Brokenhearted' earlier this year.

This is pretty much the best songs we've come up with over the last year. Amy: There was a period in our relationship where we felt it may be better if we weren't together all the time. Nick: There's been a lot of head-butting with LA Reid [CEO of Epic Records].

[Nick came in at 28] Dustin: What do you think about that?

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