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Among the better-off they might be painted to look like the ornate inlaid and carved chairs of the rich, but the craftsmanship was generally poor.

Ancient dating

Many couches were in it, spread with royal linen, and many golden cups were on the table....

Incense was put on the brazier; ointment was brought to him of the kind provided for Pharaoh.

In the 1980s, two sizeable stones fell from the statue: masonry veneer from the left hind paw in 1981 and a large piece of bedrock from the right shoulder in 1988.

On any windy day, you can watch large flakes of limestone blow off the walls of the Sphinx quarry.

The Sphinx is cut from the lowest layers of the Mokkatam Formation, those layers lying directly on the harder petrified reef. This layer rises to a height of 12 feet at the Sphinx’s rump and only two to three feet at the paws.

We label the Sphinx geological layers Member I, Member II, and Member III after the work of geologist K. Most of the Sphinx body is cut into Member II, seven layers that alternate softer and harder as they rise in elevation.

Aside from the geology, we can present other evidence that ties the Sphinx to Pharaoh Khafre’s building program at Giza.

The majority of Egyptians did not have many belongings that had to be hidden away, so a chest or two or a few baskets would furnish plenty of storing space. Even scribes, more affluent than the average Egyptian, did not write their scrolls sitting at a table, but generally squatted on the floor, holding a wooden board, on which the papyrus was spread, with one hand and writing with the other.

As the sea receded, a shallow lagoon formed above a shoal and coral reef in what is now the south-southeast part of the Plateau.

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