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We knew the story lines could run out for our characters at anytime.When my character’s run was over, they were very cool about it and gave me more than half a season’s notice.

I'm Shane Kippel, a Canadian actor/musician best known for my nine-season role as Gavin ' Spinner' Mason on the television series "Degrassi: The Next Generation".

After Degrassi, I spent some time as Ralph on "Life With Derek", and played a juvenile inmate in the move "Dog Pound"Most recently, I've put my acting on career on hold to pursue another passion of mine: music. If you want to get in touch, hit me and the band up on Facebook (https:// or Twitter ( Check out our single's music vid too if ya like: https://

Which "TNG" stars were the Neville Longbottoms of Degrassi High? Our central protagonist Emma Nelson was cute as a button when we first met her as a seventh grader in 2001.

Back then, crimping was all the rage, so we can't really blame bb Emma for her love of crimped pigtails, but those early photos probably make Miriam Mc Donald cringe. Mc Donald, now 28, is still acting in Toronto, and judging from her Insta account, she's really into #fitspo selfies and brunching with her BFFs, which still includes her onscreen bestie Cassie Steele. Long before "thong-gate" and her trajectory to Degrassi's resident wild child, Manny Santos was the epitome of BFF.

Tall and lanky, Jimmy definitely had the skillz to go pro, but lucky for us, his accident only pushed him further into the music industry.

In later seasons, Graham -- who had started to release rap demos in Toronto -- debuted some of his earliest raps on the show. Drake may be an international rap superstar now, headlining music festivals and selling out arenas all over the world, but he'll never forget his "Degrassi" roots -- as evidenced by this recent reunion. #Started From The Bottom Sarah Barrable-Tishauer (Liberty) then...

That all changed one day when Rick violently shoved her to the ground. She was kind of a spoiled brat in the beginning, which would explain why she wore shirts with "HOTTIE" branded across her chest for funsies. But way back in season 4, before she was a regular on "Degrassi," Darcy was just a girl, standing in front her mirror, asking herself what Jesus Camp hoodie she should wear to school that day. Now married and living one fabulous life (at least, according to her Insta), Grimes-Beech is still acting -- and even stepping behind the camera, too. Clare used to be the biggest wet blanket that ever graced the halls of Degrassi.

She had a concussion for a little while, and was eventually released from the hospital -- but we never saw her again. Then again, it was 2001 and that was the hottest With crazy colored hair, dark eye liner and piercings, Ellie was Degrassi's very own punk girl. She refused to wear anything other than her Catholic School uniform because she was so ~pure~ and too good for her morally average peers.

As far as the producers go, I don't talk to anybody over there."Any truth to that?

My experience was different from what Drake described about his own, so let me elaborate a bit.

I asked a question about why kids on degrassi didn't swear because "i'm in middle school but kids say worse things than they do on degrassi" and because I read once in an interview that your ringtone was apple shampoo by blink 182 I felt the need to tell you how much I liked that song as well.

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