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At the same time, I was hedging: I closed my ears to his words about false pastors.

I was furious inside of me because of the way he lambasted pastors of other religious denominations, including that of the Baptists where I belonged.

Inaanyayahan po namin kayong dumalo sa aming gaganaping Ang Dating Daan Bible Exposition sa darating na ika-3 ng Abril.

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I thank GOD for calling me into His fold, for letting me see that despite the heartaches in this life, there is hope in GOD.

My heart is no longer empty; in fact it is overflowing with contentment, love, hope, and forbearance.

All the evil emotions I’ve been feeling towards life, people and even GOD all disappeared.

A lot of trials took place before I came to be baptized, but GOD spurred me on.

That day, I cried and emptied my heart of all the negative things it has felt and there was only happiness and restored hope and faith and so much thanksgiving because of my new lease on life. I had my first job at a call center; my father left us for another woman; me and my Catholic boyfriend had fights and cold wars frequently because the time I spent attending gatherings should have been times spent together.

One day, he asked me to choose: Go back to Manila so he could come and visit or we break up right at that moment.

At the back of my mind, I just wanted my parents to notice and reign me in, and perhaps, establish an open communication between us. At one point I tried smoking grass just for the heck of it. When it was time for me to go to college, I changed my frame of mind.

We were poor and my parents couldn’t support my preferred course which was supposed to be in a private (Baptist) university.

I was amazed at his ability to parry words with his opponents, with the calm logic that never wavered.

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