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Mc Cain is the daughter of 2008 presidential candidate U. In 2009, she became a contributing author for The Daily Beast, Meghan Mc Cain (age 7) at the 1992 christening of USS John S.

Mc Cain first received media attention in 2007 for her blog, Mc Cain Blogette, on which she documented life on the campaign trail and mused about fashion, music, and pop culture.

She does not consider herself an evangelical, but rather a mainline in the Baptist tradition.

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Mc Cain, second from right, with her father John (then nearing the end of his first Senate term), grandmother Roberta, brother Jack, and mother Cindy.

She was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, and attended Phoenix Country Day School and Xavier College Preparatory, an all-girl private Catholic high school.

In September 2011, her lawyers asked Red State to take down posts that were parodying her commentary, as they made her appear buffoonish and arrogant. In commentary on this, Gawker referred to her as "noted idiot Meghan Mc Cain" and observed of her first outing that "she 'bets [her] career' that Newt Gingrich won't win the GOP nomination.

What career." In it, Mc Cain lambasts Republican strategist Karl Rove for what she believes was his role in the attacks against her younger sister in her father's 2000 presidential campaign, castigates Bill Clinton for his actions in the Lewinsky scandal, but despite ideological differences, praises Hillary Clinton for having "pushed through many doors and shattered many glass ceilings for women in politics.She attended Columbia University, where she earned her bachelor's degree in art history.Mc Cain originally planned to become a music journalist and interned at Newsweek and Saturday Night Live.She has expressed an opinion that conservatives demonstrate hypocrisy regarding abortion: "They go on and on about how evil and wrong abortion is, but don't like to talk about how easy it is to not get pregnant." In terms of economic policy, she has remarked on The Rachel Maddow Show: "I didn't even take Econ[omics] in college.I don't completely understand it so I'd hate to make a comment one way or the other. I believe government should always be efficient and accountable. And, yes, I am a Republican." In June 2009, Mc Cain posed for the NOH8 Campaign, a celebrity photo project that protests California's Proposition 8 constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, which her mother Cindy also posed for.That's – truly of all the things – I keep reading and I just don't understand it." Mc Cain has championed for gay rights and she has commented that the cause of the gay community for equality is "one of the ones closest to my heart". She said she did so "as a symbol of my commitment to my Dad and to represent the faith I have in his ability to be an effective leader for our country and to grow and strengthen the Republican party when he is elected President of the United States".

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