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We have an understanding that you can go or do anything on your lunch that you want, as long as you’re back after an hour.

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Anonymouse sex chat

On a third hand, this man’s current job is presumably not one that brings him into contact with children.

On a fourth hand, I can totally understand why you and your coworkers would be uncomfortable anyway, especially if there are company picnics that people bring their families to, or if people sometimes bring their kids by the office, and so forth.

The door had been locked the entire day and this was around noon, and the manager I have the key to the door in case someone forgot to unlock it when they left.

I walked in, and there were two of my employees on the couch in the copier room having sex. This was last week and as you can imagine things are very awkward between the three of us.

If your company does criminal background checks, they presumably know about this man’s past and hired him anyway.

It’s possible that they discussed it with him and that conversation was convincing to them that he was safe to hire.

Our department of 85 are, for the most part, a very family-centered group of proud parents and grandparents that would have this gentlemen’s head if they ever found out. I honestly don’t think my company knows this information.

I work for a very large company that has multiple offices in nearly every state that outsources all preemployment paperwork and background checks to an outside firm on the other side of the U. I was hired about three months ago and know for a fact that none of my references or former companies were contacted.

(All that was done was a credit check and The Work Number reports.) Is this any of my business or should I just let it go?

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