Aphrodite cam

Long and short term rentals of these North Cyprus properties will let you discover the island at your own pace and time while staying in fully equipped apartment.

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Suite equipment: TV / SAT, telephone, safe, refrigerator, minibar, bathroom with bath or shower, toilet, hairdryer, bathrobe and slippers on loan, air conditioning, set for coffee and tea.

Tepidarium will start and strenghten your immunity system.

Steam bath combined with aromatherapy, which uses the effect of the fragrance composition containing natural menthol with beneficial effects on breathing, movement and nervous systems.

Steam bath is complemented by a so-called.steam shock for increased sweating. It brings the relaxation of muscles of locomotive apparatus resulting in overall relaxation.

It is not hard to understand why award-winning North Cyprus Aphrodite Beachfront Resort has been chosen by more than 20 different nationalities for their overseas residence.

Whether it is a self-catering, relaxation or activity North Cyprus vacation you are seeking – OR the country’s most secure, prime North Cyprus property for vacation and investment with huge both long term and short term/ holiday rental potential and rising prices – you need look no further!

High air temperature increases the perspiration of the body enabling the elimination of toxic substances from the body.

It also makes an immune system resistant against various infection diseases.

Sauna is available at the beginning of your stay in Sauna world.

It is an eucalyptus steam bath approximately 45°C warm.

Consistent warming up to the agreeable temperature, will start to release toxins and other waste material from your body.

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