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Takeaway: Online attention spans are shorter than ever–so content needs to be snackable and easy to read.

With an average read time of less than one minute, more content writers are realizing the importance of structuring easily scannable articles and using bolding, bullet points, and italics to make important themes stand out from the page.

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The same study reports that SEM is widely considered to be effective (54%), which is more than can be said for banner ads (27%) and offline promotion (24%) — it could be time to cut the budget for your antiquated banners and magazines, and go all-in on PPC.

Or, at least put it to the test 🙂 Takeaway: As mobile continue to rise as the preferred medium for users, marketers are increasing their advertising spends accordingly.

That’s why we’ve gathered 54 content marketing stats all in one place – so you can start thinking about how this data will inform your plans for 2018.

Let’s dive in and explore these stats to get a firm grasp on what’s new within this realm.

Blogging Statistics Content Marketing Budget Statistics Content Strategy Statistics Content ROI Statistics Content Promotion Statistics Interactive Content Statistics Each section will also include quick links to navigate back to the top of the post.

The takeaway: Long-form content tends to be more educational and in-depth, thus increasing the amount of value delivered to the reader. Creating longer blog posts often means devoting more attention to high-quality content that translates into eventual sales.

There are a lot of content marketing statistics shown below.

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If a buyer is on the fence, seeing the success of a similar business in the same industry can help make the choice easier.

Takeaway: Blogging and social media are reportedly the two most successful marketing tactics, as proven in Regalix’s State of B2B Marketing 2016, and practically every study you’ll find.

In fact, this is part of the SEO strategy we have used to steadily grow our organic traffic over the last 12 months here at Snap App: Takeaway: Blogging is still one of the most widely-used content marketing strategies, and for a good reason; blogging builds links (and authority), gives you a platform promote your product/service, and provides a vehicle to educate prospects.

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