Are amazingphil and dan dating dating websites in germany

But I have to say technically 'Innuendo Bingo' was the most fun to "make" and 'Sexy Internet Dating' because I was crying laughing for about two hours while filming it.

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If you are reading this, then chances are you are a member of the 'Phandom', and wish to know whether you would be more suited as the girlfriend (or boyfriend) of Danisnotonfire, or Amazing Phil.

Of course, it's a very tough choice, but now this quiz can tell you the answer!

It made some people believe that he indeed was dating a woman.

But some people were not willing to have faith on the photo posted by Phil and still want him to get romantically associated with Dan.

(it's very scientifically accurate but please note that you cannot ever actually date Dan or Phil, as they belong to eachother) Please answer the questions as accurately as possible because this is a very srs business quiz and it is being used for research and stuff, and if you don't answer properly than Kanye West will be sad.

These days being speculated to be a gay just requires a person to share a friendly connection with another guy and remain mum regarding their love life that includes a woman. Phil Lester has been a sensation in the Youtube world with his Youtube channel that has already garnered 4million subscribers.

I felt like I wanted to do something creative and join in this community! Which of your videos did you most enjoy creating and why? Firstly walk past casually and see if she recognises me in any way.

All my collaborative videos were great fun to film! What do you think will be the best thing about that? I have done presenter-type work before but never regularly for something I have a lot of creative input on. That and the fact I will be broadcasting myself to an almost completely difference audience to my You Tube channel, which is exciting. If yes, dive into the nearest pile of bananas before her security assassinate me for corrupting her online meta-data.

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Dan Howell is a London-based, 21-year-old You Tube vlogger.

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