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I felt bad for Becky for almost all of seasons four and five, and I just couldn't keep reliving it.

She fell in love with Tim Riggins in season four, but she was in high school and he was still in love with Lyla.

I'm just happy that at the end of the day, she was able to dig Tim out of the hole he was in for three seasons and worked hard to keep him on a good path. Jason Street (played by Scott Porter)I don't think I've ever been as shocked as I was at the end of the first episode of FNL, but a special moment happened and suddenly, we all fell in love with Jason Street.

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He and Tim reconciled and became inseparable as ever.

The only reason Jason ranks so low is because he became so separated from the story line and the rest of the cast that I sort of lost interest in what he was doing and would often forget that he was still in the show. Landry Clarke (played by Jesse Plemons)Landry was a sweetheart and he was the hopeless romantic we hated to love.

This show became a phenomenon of mass proportions, leaving people waiting to link eyes with the (yes, THE) hottest dad and football players on TV, becoming even more popular than the movie that preceded. He was the antagonist to Eric Taylor and because of that, has been on my s**t list since the second season.

After the end of FNL in 2011, Netflix had picked up the entirety of its seasons, leaving die-hard fans as dedicated as ever to Dillon, Texas. was the prodigy football player that replaced Matt Saracen, he would've never been able to replace Matt Saracen's kindness, good heart and innocence. #sorrynotsorry, this one was an easy one for me.15.

The only reason he was ranked higher than Jason Street and Lyla is because his presence was prominent in seasons four and five when he had a huge crush on Jess from East Dillon.9.

Brian "Smash" Williams (played by Gaius Charles)I had a love/hate relationship with Smash Williams.He wasn't the best character in the show, but his presence was very enjoyable. Jess Merriweather (played by Jurnee Smollett)Jess was a precious little gem in "Friday Night Lights." She was an independent, strong, African American woman, and she took care of her younger brothers religiously and always made time to work for her grandfather.I didn't like that Jess spent so much time trying to "save" Vince Howard from his stubborn personality and his lifestyle, but she cared for him and wasn't afraid to tell him when he was wrong."Friday Night Lights" gave us advice, taught us how to have good relationships, and gave us a peek into the racism and violence that affects poor, predominately African American cities so heavily. Mc Coy had hope to be higher on the list, but when season four rolled around, I couldn't help but dislike him. Buddy Garrity (played by Brad Leland)Buddy Garrity confuses me.After watching every season over three times, I feel more than qualified to write this article. Mc Coy and Joe Mc Coy (played by Jeremy Sumpter and D. Moffett)I put these two in the same number, because they're father and son, and they both suck. He is that character in every show that no one likes, but no one hates. She completely took advantage of Matt's love for her, and WHY WOULD YOU EVER DO THAT TO MATT (which also made me frustrated with him that he kept going back to her).Obviously all the bolts weren't there but, luckily, Luke knew how to think on his own.

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