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Off to scour the adult book stores for some of those. They were called “Connections” & were regional for our area. She went on with, if that cock wears out I would fuck another one. As a matter of fact, no one had to do anything they wished not to. There are five separate bedrooms that can be used upstairs or there is a large empty meeting room off the grand room that is pretty much lined with mattresses. That is moreover where most end up, more flavors to select from. I was free to roam around & watch anyone I like as long as I interrupt in no way. I went back down the few stairs I had climbed & removed my clothes & piled them at the bottom of the steps. Stroke me he said & he started moving his hand up & down my cock. You can blame me so maybe your punishment won’t be so offensive later. Why when you are having pleasant & tou hear her voice, you go limp? I passed my clothes still at the bottom of the steps & went over to have a drink. There I could sit on a sofa & watch a bunch of people moving around & doing all kinds of things to each other. No one will bother me if I don’t have a useful tool. It was at that time my wife walked out alone & called me over to her. I explained my plan to keep away from trouble by masturbating. He did feel satisfactory on me & not seeing who the mouth was connected to did make a difference. Ended up she was just going pee yet was having her period. I know, everyone can have a whak for seven of them & I obtain the remaining whaks. I’ll start & my wife held up a leather paddle tha had various sized holes in it. With each smak I could see my son in law straiten out. This was the worst beating I have seen & I stood silently wondering if the next persons, probably me, could be as offensive or worse even.

It had pictures & profiles for those advertising in them & what they were looking for in others. What would you do with that cock in you I continued with? Every room can be viewed by others who wish to view. I went up the steps & starting walking slowly down the hallway looking into the room. She has control of you & punishment may be a physical reaction or mental reaction from you know, there will be physical punishment coming at some time. There were males with females, two males with one female, two females with one male, males with males, & females with females. I looked at my wife who seen what the woman diod & my wife shook her head no. Cathy went on speaking to Mark, do a satisfactory job & bust his nut good. I didn’t know what Cathy was talking approximately yet yes, I would thank him when he was finished & I released my juice. My wife added, dear, I want to keep fucking & having a tremendous time yet you are stopping me. He had to alter the pad & had some problems with that as I understand it. Because a father shouldn’t be doing that with his daughter. It was stiff as a board & looked like approximately 14 or 15 inches long with the handle & a satisfactory 4 to 5 inches wide.

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It has been almost 25 years now since I thought I was safe in betting my Manhood against the Womanhood needs of my Wife. A tremendous relationship with a knock out attractive sexy wife, 2 children, a healthy sex life, employed, & my family financially in a decent place. Doctor informed me of the side effects & there was nothing to indicate any serious worries that could affect my life in much of any way. Started the pills & all seemed OK for approximately a week. Open, honest communications had always had an importance for us no matter what the topic was. We agreed that since I had what my wife considered above average oral skills & could always bring her to orgasm that way, that is what I would do for her. Ha, here I was, the man who came up with the idea, told her I was all for it, encouraged her, created the idea to commence with yet I really wasn’t sure. Nothing else was said for a few days yet it did come back up. We were watching TV late night when she asked if I had been thinking approximately it. She added that if anyone broke the rules, it all comes to an end & we just go back to frustrated married people. He told her that even though I was not in a condition to play, I could still be present with her & take a different active role. She called my doctors nurse & asked that the doctor call me. If I wanted my wife to have what she needed I would need to show her I am comfortable with this. I handed over the phone to my wife & she spoke & giggled. Me, oh yes, full erect yet encased in binding pants. Doc then reached down, removed his shoes & slipped out of his pants & shorts. Most of the things she is doing she has done with you yet seeing it in action is a total turn on. I went back to my chair & they softly spoke to each other. With that my wife emerged from the shower looking fresh, wet, & very naked. We sat & had a glass of wine & then bid our farewells, They kissed before we left & doc shook my hand. We received ready for bed, I showered & she showered again. Me wore out from just watching & a little participation & her from being, well, exhausted. I remember our home life after that night was in harmony for some time. I do understand because I love her & want her happy. We agreed to discuss it in the night time after the kids were asleep. Maybe once or even more a month if she feels like it. The next afternoon my wife informed me we were going out to dinner that night & I & Jimmy could meet. After dinner we retired to the lounge in the restaurant & had a secluded corner table where the music wasn’t too loud. She added, you will not have a say approximately who I wish to have sex with. After we were in bed she seemed to fall easily off to sleep. I was asking myself just what I heard for sure just an hour ago? I certainly know that if I force this to an end, the home will not be very harmonious & know that could lead to her just sneaking around on me. You were letting that man stroke your cock & you had no problems letting Mark suck your dick & let’s face it, once you received started on Marks cock you received into it so don’t tell me you didn’t have a satisfactory time. I just couldn’t obtain it out that I would like to go yet I don’t really want to suck a cock yet I think she was correct approximately getting into everything after I received started. I see you brought the old man with you, Hi, how you doing? While having larger frames then her, they were still in superior shape & well, beautiful. She explained to everyone that she had invited over a couple friends who should be arriving soon. We came into the living room & set down the trays with the drinks & snacks. While we have our little obtain together, you men will be our servers. Good she said, serve our drinks & then make sure we obtain our little snacks while we chat. The three boys all knew right away we would be competing with each other for the reward & none of us wanted the punishment, that was for sure. My wife then placed two whacks on his bloody swollen ass. Good subbie, you are getting it, aren’t you/ Yes mam. There will be three different punishments placed on him, the first, four whacks with this handy paddle. I could smell & taste what I longed for so I just went to work on it. What kind of worthless being would do that to his own daughters? The ladies left & we guys thanked everyone of them individually as they left. The three remaining family women called us into the living room. At the same time, the man should have the same opportunities. My wife never developed feeling for anyone where it could injure our marriage & there were better men then I & ones who could provide for her better then I.

So, no brainer, you obtain on the meds & find out it will be a lifelong daily routine & you can’t stop. The doctor mentioned that for a while Viagra would assist yet was honest in his comments that it too will have an effect less & less over an unknown period of time. So, with a prescription for Viagra in hand, off we went. Fortunately, one of our greatest assets is that we could talk honestly approximately anything & the other always took the time to listen & at least try to understand. The discussion came up the next day when the kids were out with friends. She said, approximately last night, are you upset with me for saying I wanted someone else? I told her I understood yet we would need to do a lot of planning & discussion so we would both be pleased with this. She said she wouldn’t do anything if I were to alter my mind & decide she shouldn’t because I was more significant than anything else. No matter what, rules will always be followed so both can accept this new path. I would have an active role in finding a partner for her. If she were to go out in the evening, we would obtain a babysitter & leave together yet then split up. He is not married, divorced yet does play with others. I asked if she was sure & she asked if I was sure, We can either back out, We didn’t. When we arrived at the hotel my doctor was waiting in the lobby. I think this was needed for those edges we were on. He moreover said that it would be OK with him if I should feel the urge to masturbate to do so & then asked if that was OK with my wife who immediately said by all means. I couldn’t take my eyes off this sight of another man undressing my own wife right before my eyes. Why was I getting excited when someone is seducing my wife? His hands reached for the back of wife & easily undid her bra. Her firm small breast sticking out in what seemed to be for all the world to see. His veins on his cock were raised indicated he too was aroused. There was that little landing strip right above a definite wet area. You are watching your own wife having sex with someone other then you. He has already cum twice & I think I am viewing the beginning of the third. So, he hopes I will remain OK with it & to always remember, she will be going home to me & our family, not her lover. I think we both had doubts approximately the other. She said she didn’t feel that I was the sexual man she needed & that is what she means by needing a man. I felt injure yet I did realize how tremendous she felt after that night. I asked in what way & she said that the timeline needs to alter is all. She said she knew that & everything would be worked out & of course, I would have final say. Funny thing is, she said she has met a man that she would be interested in having sex with. Not really she replied, she met him quite a while ago yet just recently when she started thinking approximately this again she thought of him. My wife asked if it would be OK if we set up maybe a dinner out with him & I could meet him. She then asked if I not say anything approximately her sleeping with him because it would be uncomfortable for him & her knowing her husband allowed someone to sleep with her. We went off to sleep with that me thinking something could happen in the next few weeks. Said delivery paid so well there was no need to actually work in his field of the up & coming computer field. Guys are not supposed to talk like that approximately another’s wife. I sat speechless just listening to this new force I haven’t been exposed to before. She continued with telling me what was going to happen. She opened the door & Tim was standing there fully naked. She had already been working with the husbands yet still I asked approximately being naked with our daughters. It’s OK dad, we have seen pictures that mom has of you & your little dick. I have to admit that they received their attractive forms from their mother. Yes, just the way men should always be dressed in mixed company. We both exited the kitchen unknowing to us who was at the door. All completely clothed as we were completely naked. Kind of like the cat calls from construction workers that see a girl walk by. There was supposed to be nine yet two had to cancel so there are only seven. He held on to the top of the chair & didn’t let himself fall. My husband being such a wimp would drop dead if his punishment was the same so we have to alter it up some. Both daughters approached me & the oldest on took the paddle from my wife. She lowered her pussy over my mouth & as before shut off my air. She squeezed my cock complex while she did & when it subsided, she continued to hold my cock, squeezing precum out all over the head of it. You just gave your two daughter orgasms by eating them out. My balls were still feeling the wrath of the women who I think, hate balls. OK, let’s obtain the cleaning done before something else happens to us. I hate the term because my wife never really cheated on me. I’m not sure what a better name would be for the likes of me yet I don’t think it’s cuckold. There is nothing wrong with your wife stepping out & getting more then you can offer. We raised two wonderful, successful, independent daughters.

I needed more & more stimulation all the time to obtain anything up. If she even started having feelings for someone, she ended it. I said no, just friends yet I wouldn’t go that way. He told her that he knows it is not as uncommon as many think & that he has other patients with the same condition as me whose wives are being sexually looked after by lovers. Doc started explaining approximately things that will happen before my eyes. He told me to sit back & actually enjoy the fact my wife was getting what she needed to be fully happy. She unbuckled it, undid his pants & slid them down yet not off. She was a bit wobbly yet made her way into the bath & showered. He told me that even if it’s not him, yet another man, this is what she really wants. She went on to explain that she really tried yet just can’t obtain the idea of being pleasured & relieved by a cock inside her out of her head. I explained that as long as we could continue to have our sexual relations I won’t hold her back from seeking release elsewhere. You may address your own needs in the bathroom whenever you like. Last night I made the mistake of having unproductive sex. They are not having sex yet to the best of my knowledge yet they seem to know a lot approximately it. She had spent years living in my community & now it was time for me to donate back to her. My wife stood next to my surely red ass & announced it was fine for phase two of this wimps punishment. I was blindfolded & they did it so well that there was not light getting through anywhere. I was instructed to hold my arms straight out from my sides. My wife said that for no reason will I move an arm or leg & asked if I understood. Good she said, it is time for you to pleasure a couple of my guest. I did so & with that someone lowered their pussy onto my mouth. I started licking inside it yet realized I couldn’t breathe. I started trying to escape & when I thought I was going to pass out, she lifted a bit & let me breath. Again, my body had used all the air I had yet she lifted again & let me breath. She lifted up & slid her clit over my mouth & I licked. Oh god, I just gave my own daughter an orgasm & worst of all, I received excited doing it. My turn was a voice from the group & I recognized it as my oldest. I have had sexual contact with one of my sons in law since that party & that was by order of our wives to obtain them excited. I mean, we are in a Muslin majority nation & these sorts of things just don’t happen. To me it’s comical to see all the cartoons on cuckolding with blacks. I did have a talk with my wife approximately it & according to her, While I am their father in family ways, they were taught to just see me as another submissive male at their mercy.

75% erections did come yet it took a lot of work on my wifes part. He told her the routine things approximately always use protection & if her partner refused, she should always refuse him. She mainly was looking like she was looking forward to this. Would not be a satisfactory time to be freaking out. He told me how fantastic my wife was & said he hoped this wasn’t an only time experience for her. If it takes another man to fulfill her sexual needs, then so be it. With one huge final thrust, Jimmy proclaimed he was going to come. On occasion, I will take care of your needs yet again, it will be when I want to. That doesn’t mean I will be so stupid to have it abused in any way I deem abusive. Tim hands me my beer & places his now cold fingers between my wife’s legs on her pussy. You’ll need to work harder to warm that up now, she says. My girls are teens now & over the past years they have seemed to pick up on the power of female domination. They will order me around & make demands of which I know I need to follow. She up & decided three years ago that it was time for me to take her home. Four I said with a desperate voice so pleased it would stop now. I felt the first grab of my balls & a hind tighten around them. I slowly removed my hands expecting another assault on them yet nothing happened. Suddenly, she shuddered & I could feel the wetness escape from her onto my face. I never again had any sexual contact with my daughters & I am glad of that. There was a few times my wife & one or the other daughters would double up with some lovers with their husbands in toe. I retired early & my wife wanting to move back to her home country I seen as a thing that would bring her party lifestyle to a close. She sure doesn’t look it & I doubt she tells any prospective cock she is. I’m sure the internet will come up with some other taboo in the future. You may say it was forced on me so I shouldn’t feel bad, the truth is, they are my daughters & it just wasn’t supposed to happen.

Actually, she said something to the effect that she wouldn’t want to be alone in a room with any of them. She said watching him go in & out of her & seeing the lips stretch was awesome. I started fingering her so her view of the TV wasn’t blocked. I then asked if she wanted that dick inside her, She moaned yes. I was constantly wondering if she would really fuck someone else. Actually, I thought that just the stimulation of seeing the action would keep her pleased & turned on allowing me to make her feel satisfactory again. She nor I would have any knowledge in finding someone like that. I wasn’t as excited this time yet was enjoying watching her. Actually, after a couple minutes of watching them & seeing there was no qualms approximately male to male contact, it was kind of hot & I noticed my cock was enjoying it. I was feeling a bit odd standing in the hall with a full erection now & strangers moving about, in & out of rooms. My head was pulled back & a finger connected to my youngest daughter placed the precum in my mouth. She then told me to obtain my head out of that pussy & obtain her a drink? My oldest son in law was called upon to kneel in front of my standing wife & another lady & tell them who looked better naked.

There were no females looking for companionship in the bedroom. I kept saying that I didn’t mind & wanted her needs met. More like she was just saying something to shut me up. I asked if she wanted to fuck that dick, she repeated yes. She wasn’t approximately to go out & just have sex with someone. I know she would never allow a friend or relative to know what she had done so I was pretty confident that she was just going to stick with the visuals. Another man came & stood next to me & was watching the same as me. About that moment, my wife looked over at us & stopped & gave us a smile. No really, you have to burry your inibitions & open up. She tells me, we don’t need any useless dicks making a mess on the floor. That was a lose lose situation & I was pleased it wasn’t me. I know you were always trying to obtain a look at me.

Her needs were building on her & I think she was actually considering it or something that could help. Only took a few dips of the lips before I exploded in her mouth. We had them for the weekend so we could catch the other one before we needed to return them. The man didn’t react & just went off to look in another room. Hell, you don’t even need to be bisexual to enjoy another man’s cock. He had to exist in the life of my wife far longer then the other girl so he chose my wife. Father, remember a couple years ago when you were always trying to catch a look at my breast I said I did not remember such a thing.

One time while talking approximately it, I suggested we rent some porn & watch it for my excitement. I was the only one once we married & she took those promises made before the Minister as personal to her. My wife then kind of waved the back of her hand towards me like she wanted me to go. The man I was standing with watching my wife was moreover at this bedroom. You really don’t need an attraction to men to play with one. Now, that would be the smart move yet the younger girl unloaded on him approximately her being younger & in fact better looking because of it. I tried to keep my look in her eyes yet still, I could see those firm breast pointing out & her hairless genitals sitting right before me. She continued, remember in the hallway when my towel slipped & you while trying not to be seen, seen my breast. Truth is, a couple years ago while she spent the summer at home away from college, she was always wearing a braless tank top or on many occasions a towel.

Now, we just waited for the kids to sleep, move the video player to our bedroom, turn the sound way down low, & pushed play. Now, I know that little pucker hole has a lot of nerve endings on it because my wife has played a little with mine yet I never thought of putting something up the exit hole. The man was really enjoying it & the woman was too. I returned with, never tried it & it must be painful.

She went on to tell me that since it was he who first brought up the idea of a lover, perhaps he could donate her some guidance on how that actually comes approximately & perhaps some advise on the pros & cons. When I fuck her, you will be holding her hand, taking care of whatever we may need. Normally when she has multiples, there is a huge one followed by smaller ones. It was either one forever lasting one or huge ones over & over. First her hair, then face, then breast were covered with more cum than I have ever seen. My wife took her finger & whipped it off her face, She then proceeded to lick her finger. It was at that moment looking at that huge monster resting on top my wife that I realized it was unprotected. Yes, you will be able to touch & lick my clitoris when I want it yet no penetration. No panties on & undoes her bra so she is completely naked when Tim returns with my beer. I said my home is ruled by the female & not just one. My wife is from an Asian nation that is predominately Muslim. Again back to my youngest, SMAK, & the only satisfactory thing was it was finished. They told me that I better start leaning to do as I’m told & never question a woman & especially a family member woman. My hands tried to cover the assault of my groin yet people held them down. It was in really offensive shape & thought they are finished as a cock & balls. My wife told me to stay where I was & to let go of my balls. I worked it best I could & I did remember how I did that before. Sold everything or donated it to charities, cashed out my 401K, received the proper paperwork needed for me & off we went. They think someone eating their cum off of his own wife’s body is hot. She isn’t as active as she was back home yet she is 60 now. Times are changing & it is much more usual to see black & white couples so the taboo is dying. I have absolutely no objections to mixed relationships. My biggest regret to this day is the involvement I had with my own daughters.

Being before the internet & a desk top computer in every home, I had to turn to basically the only source of information out there. I mean, “yes Miss Librarian, I would like to check out this book on cheating wives phycology,” wasn’t going to happen. She seemed a bit spent from her orgasm yet she wanted to see what was next. She approached me & told me that she had set up a meeting with someone & would tell me approximately it after our oldest daughters 10Birthday party went well, I was the proud we were the proud parents of a attractive birthday girl. She told me she informed doc of her desires & he invited us, yes us to a swingers party happening at a local home. Plus, I wouldn’t want you to embarrass me if suddenly you stop working. Maybe you could obtain drinks or something to be useful. There was that slutty little dress I was against the first time she was meeting up with doc. No matter, it looked tremendous on her or should I say she looked tremendous in it? You are allowed to have sex with any man here that will have you. The only rules that pertain to you are what I place on you she tells me. I think I am stuck now & my complex on didn’t go down. Is it just the surroundings here being more filled with excitement? I opened my legs & Mark took his place between them. I started to part my lips & I put them over the tip of Marks penis. I opened my eyes & looked to the sides the best I can. I dug down & received the courage to go lower on Marks cock. I felt him stiffening even more & suddenly without warning I could feel his warm cum shooting into my mouth. I pulled my mouth off him & started spitting his cum out. Suddenly, everyone started applauding & telling me how satisfactory I did. In 10 or 20 years I can see women dominating everything. I really didn’t expect my daughter to do something like that even in this setting. Strike one against me for my reaction & was scolded for it my another lady. The day went on & the women were feeling pretty satisfactory with the cocktails & atmosphere. My wife rose up & said it was now time to announce the punishments & who the lucky lad is that will be rewarded.

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