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Rex himself joined Coric and Ged at the first-aid station to shave his head, and Coric joked with Rex about the latter's hairless and brightened head.

Removing some of the bloodstained fragments of Ged's armor, Coric reported to Rex that they were running low on bacta supplies, but that there were analgesics for the time being.

So to that end, I'm going to suggest that you withdraw from this campaign at this time. Get some more experience and proof that you are in fact a true conservative and not a wolf in sheep clothing..........

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During the lull in fighting, Coric took up his duty as a medic at the Republic's temporary first-aid station, a colonnaded doorway behind the Republic lines and close to the city's main boulevard.

While there, Coric treated trooper Ged, who had been wounded by a spray of jagged shrapnel fragments that had penetrated the gap in his plastoid clone armor between the back plate and the shoulder.

Bred on Kamino, Coric was trained as a clone trooper medic and became a first aid specialist in the Grand Army of the Republic.

Serving under Jedi General Anakin Skywalker and Clone Captain CT-7567, nicknamed "Rex," Sergeant Coric fought in the Battle of Christophsis and employed his medical expertise to assist those among his comrades who had been wounded during the course of the battle.

Coric also led a squad in the following Battle of Teth against the Confederacy of Independent Systems and, along with Rex, was one of the six survivors of the original Torrent Company when it was nearly eradicated by the Separatist Droid Army.

A few months into the war, Coric joined Rex; Skywalker's Padawan, Ahsoka Tano; and a batch of six new 501st troopers on a routine shakedown cruise aboard Republic Navy Captain Gilad Pellaeon's assault ship, Leveler.

Auf der Gamescom 2013 in Köln wird auch Battlefield 4 spielbar sein.

Wie der neue Einladungs-Trailer zeigt, gehören zu den Fans und den erfahrenen Battlefield-Spielern auch etwas ältere Menschen wie Heiner, der mit 74 Jahren immerhin 8.000 Stunden Spielzeit aufweisen kann.

Mehr zu Battlefield 4 gibt es auf unserer Themenseite.

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Coric received training as a clone medic and first aid specialist, ensuring that he would be able to help his comrades when they were injured on the battlefield. Let's go." In the first year of the war, Coric was sent with a 501st contingent under the command of Jedi Generals Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi and Captain Rex to retake the planet Christophsis, which had been seized by the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

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