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The possible repercussions of coming out as bisexual in a hetero relationship can be painful.

Bisexual women in particular are vulnerable to cases of domestic and sexual violence when they are partnered with straight men.

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Bisexuals do not turn straight or gay when they enter a monogamous relationship.

And yes, if a bi person is in a hetero relationship, they will attain straight passing privilege and be seen as heterosexual by people who do not know their true sexual orientation. However, a bi person does not all of a sudden have their same sex desires and experiences rendered obsolete when they enter a hetero relationship.

It was very scary and I knew by telling her this I was taking the risk of losing her which I did not want to do.

She has always been very supportive of LGBT rights but I didn't know how she would feel about being in a relationship with a bisexual male.

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Luckily for me she was very cool about it and we are able to speak freely about it.

When the local Gay Pride festival was here she even encouraged me to go!

And don't even get me started on the disgusting amount of homophobia straight women direct towards bisexual men.

Seeing posts like yours makes me wonder: everything a bi person has endured through does not matter anymore when they enter a heterosexual relationship?

Any activism or work they've done for lgbt people is considered meaningless or on the same level of a straight ally? But if that was the intention of your post, you've made it poorly; it reads more as if you're claiming that bisexuals in heterosexual relationships might as well be heterosexual and do not count anymore as a part of the lgbt community.

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