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Blackberry OS10 devices are everywhere now, overshadowing it's predecessors and marking the end of OS7 device era.

NOTE: The process of loading a new BB OS onto the device will wipe it clean because the failed OS needs to be formated, so if you haven't done a backup before the error happened, all phone contents can be restored (except files on SD Card and contacts automatically backup up to Blackberry ID email.) So let's get started.

Prerequisite There are two ways to reload your blackberry10 OS to factory default, both require the use of a Computer.

You can either continue using your device until the download finishes, or leave it on this screen.

Should you want to monitor the downloads progress, you'll need to keep your eye on the yellow progress bar that sits just beneath the blue section with the text "Update your Priv to the latest software today..." After the download is finished, tap on Restart & Install.

The phone is now saying it is from an unknown source whereas the phone was working fine with t his prior to error message/reload.

I reloaded the OS from the phone settings without the SIM card in the phone and it still shows the SIM being from a unknown source.Released in November 2015, the Priv -- named as a hat tip to Black Berry's focus on privacy -- was touted by Black Berry CEO John Chen as the most secure Android phone on the market.Its launch came as the Canadian tech company was trying to carve out a path to profitability, but, last summer, a Black Berry executive revealed to that sales of the Priv device were struggling.Also give us a Thumbs Up - Like, Tweet, G if you found this post useful[/list]I am using q10 blackberry phone and my phone is showing bberror BB10-00004 and I have download the autoloader and install it and connect it to my phone but it keep bbeeror. Tell me what to do Hello Ayodeji, Please follow the next steps after installing autoloader to by installing it to your phone from the CMD screen on PC, did you do that.Also confirm you downloaded the correct autoloader for your device.In September, Black Berry confirmed that the Priv would not update beyond Android 6.0 Marshmallow."Having now stepped outside the original two-year window, we will no longer be delivering monthly updates for the PRIV moving forward," wrote Alex Thurber, SVP and GM of Black Berry's mobility division, in a Friday blog post.

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