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Noor keeps the rocker right on trend both with his own life and with the current tide of older stars dating women still in or barely out of their teens.

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Even after eight months of seven-day weeks, during which he often has worked 16 or 17 hours straight, director Brett Ratner bubbles with enthusiasm as he sits hunched before three monitors in a cavelike set at the Origo Studios, where a body double for Dwayne Johnson is chained to a wall, from which he soon will break free. Several crewmembers pause to say their goodbyes, and Ratner himself will leave imminently for London. PHOTOS: The Redemption of Brett Ratner: Photos of the ' Hercules' Helmer Despite an easygoing manner, the 44-year-old director has his share of neuroses.

After that, he'll head home to Beverly Hills before moving on to Shanghai, where he'll take meetings with his Rat Pac Entertainment partner, billionaire James Packer ("We're gonna explore what we're gonna explore"). His leg twitches a mile a minute, and his nails are bitten to the quick.

We’re told Berggruen and Alfallah were together at a Mr. While reps didn’t get back to us, sources say the billionaire and Alfallah are “just friends” and that she’s still seeing Jagger.

in Budapest, with just a few hours to go on this chilly October evening before the movie wraps at 6 a.m.

He got together with Alfallah after splitting with ballet dancer Melanie Hamrick, 31.

But, on Thursday, Berggruen posted an Instagram pic of himself and Alfallah, with movie producer Brian Grazer and wife Veronica, at the opening of Damien Hirst’s art show in LA.

Now, a clip of Brett Ratner that featured on Venus and Serena Williams’ 2005 reality series, Tennis champion Serena Williams and Brett Ratner dated between 20, the time when a lot of the alleged assaults took place. You're being very disturbing," Serena says, as she attempts to cheer on her older sister. " "They don't do this on Nick and Jessica's show," he says, grabbing Serena's face and attempting to kiss her.

Sitting with Serena, Ratner makes inappropriate comments and continues to make physical advances towards her, despite her obvious discomfort. show me that you care," he can be heard saying, grabbing Serena's hand as she pulls away. A statement issued on behalf of Ratner by his lawyer said he "vehemently denies the outrageous derogatory allegations that have been reported about him".

According to the publication, Noor is Kuwaiti and American and from a wealthy family.

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