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She kicked Leo several yards away with one kick while levitating.

However, when she kicked the real Belthazor, even with more force behind her kick, she could only make him stagger back a few steps, due to the his size and strength.

, Billy Bush and Kit Hoover ran down the actress’ (rather expansive) dating history and she cleared up exactly who she’s been with and who was just a rumor. Here’s what the star had to say about the rumored men in her life: Corey Feldman: “No, No.” WATCH: Alyssa Milano Opens Up About Wanting To Expand Her Family Scott Wolf: “Yes, [for] a few years.” David Arquette: “Yes, I was like 19.” Justin Timberlake: “Yeah that’s true, that was right after Britney broke his heart, I swooped in for the kill!

”[My dating history] is longer than my IMDB [profile,]” the 40-year-old new “Project Runway All Stars” host said. ” Eric Dane: “Yeah, I had to kiss a lot of frogs to find my prince.” WATCH: Alyssa Milano’s Celebrity Dating Flashback “Project Runway All Stars” premieres on October 24 at 9/8c on Lifetime.

According to the Book of Shadows, Brute Demons generally use their super strength to crush the skulls of their victims.

Christy may possess this ability, but it is unclear: she killed the last Triad member Candor by ramming her arm through his chest in what seemed like super strength.

This show does not go overboard on the supernatural and has a different theme each week.

Charmed is currently available to watch free on 4 Kids TV and stream on TNT.

Phoebe Halliwell has demonstrated on several occasions that she can use Levitation to enhance her physical strength.

The first time this was seen was when she faced Leo Wyatt, glamoured as Belthazor.

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