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Explain that to me please Reply I applied for a job with Cintas. Reply Hello my name is Joseph Loccisano, I am the owner of Villaggio Restaurant in Queens New York.

I have been trying to resolve an issue with my account 17124.

I am going to make sure that the civil rights violations and ethical wrong doings of this company are at the very least brought to national attention.

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While out on fmla leave for surgery due to that injury they replaced his position and promised him a new route just as big as the other one but instead fired him.

Reply I would like to just just vent a little, I recently applied for a route driver position I did the ride along 5 interviews and even interviewed with the general manager.

Approximately five million people wear Cintas’ uniforms to work each day. It’s starting to get frustrating because I’ve received three of these letters I’m a week.

Cintas also manufactures shirts, jackets, slacks, footwear, clean-room apparel, flame-resistant clothing, uniform cleaning, first-aid and safety products, and document handling and storage. Makes me question the selection and screening process…

There's also a gap between commercial and residential clients.

Contractors who do work for both told Trusted Pros that nearly all of their commercial customers ask for licenses while zero of their residential customers do.

Maybe it’s a good thing they haven’t gotten back to me if this is how they run their business. It is so junky and nasty not to mention it will take all day to find one item.

Thanks Reply I use to love going to our Belks in Carrollton Georgia but today is a different story. I have no idea who is in charge of Carrollton Georgia store but they should be fired. I work for Cintas 14 years was declared in November 08,2017 that I was terminated because no work.

The problem is that when first started with cintas back in July 18th 2017 I informed the company in July 25th that I could no longer receive Pants and shirts for my kitchen staff because I was not aware that I was still in contract with another company.

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