Cams shov

It’s very hard for me to look at this car and not get emotional, there’s just something about the silhouette of a 911 that makes me weak in the knees.

Watching how the light and shadow dance across its glorious curves makes me go crazy.

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The care that was taken to smooth out the edges where the arch begins shows growth in Magnus’ work.

In fact the entire car seems to be a much more refined example of his tastes, something that typically grows with age and experience.

This car is Walker’s most thorough build to date and he went through virtually every nut and bolt this time around, leaving no screw unturned.

As petrol heads, you’ll all know what I mean when I say that you build your first couple of cars on trial-and-error, but eventually comes a day when all of your mistakes lead to a more perfect build. I think it’s safe to say that Magnus has never owned a car that wasn’t drop-dead gorgeous, but this time around that wouldn’t be enough.

The finished product is perhaps more beautiful than I ever imagined a car could be.

Regardless of whether or not you like Porsches, hell even if you’re not a petrol head at all, if this photo doesn’t get your heart pumping you’re simply not human.

oh how much i would love to feel her electrifying skin, smell her scent of perfume and pheromones and taste her juices and kisses... i get hard if a girl looks awesome, but carli makes it become extra hard...

I know this is a pretty bold statement, but this is probably going to be the coolest thing you see all day.

The keen eye will have noticed by now that the rear fenders are anything but stock.

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