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We will verify the problem as listed in the RA form and proceed with the repair or replacement of your product.

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Limited Warranty does not cover the following conditions: a) modified products either electrically or mechanically in any way, b) moisture, c) salt/smoke/contaminants, d) natural disasters or any act of God, accident, fire, flood, ect.

e) abuse, f) lack of reasonable care, g) modification or removal of the factory applied serial number, h) loss or theft.

This logo appeared on all Carvin amps from 1954 (and possibly earlier) through 1960.

From 1961-1965, this logo appeared on some amps and speaker cabinets, in addition to a plain block logo found on the control panel of the amp.

Print the number on the outside of the package and place a copy inside the box with the product. Shipments will be refused by the warehouse if there is no RA number on the package.

*** IMPORTANT** Write the RA number on the outside of each package being returned.Starting in 1966, the "Curved C" logo (below right, top logo) began appearing on amps and speaker cabinets, in the form of a metal badge.The plain block logo continued to appear on the control panels, as well.As with other Carvin gear, the first, and most obvious, detail to look at is the logo on the amp itself.The earliest Carvin amps had the same logo as was found on guitars, basses and other instruments, shown at left.90-Day Limited Warranty: All Wireless Systems – UX Series, EM Series All Wireless Parts and Accessories- Includes microphones, cables, body packs and rackmount kits AC120S Power Conditioner CXLR Series Microphone Cables FDR60 Filter Direct Box M50 Dynamic Vocal Microphone with Switch M68 Dynamic Vocal Microphone Vacuum Tubes All XLR and ¼-inch audio cables External power adaptors or power supply units included with the product 1 Year Limited Warranty: VLD1- Steve Vai Legacy Drive Tube Preamp Pedal X1- Tube Preamp Pedal Carvin Corp.

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