Cayman islands dating service

• Those permitted to reside permanently in the Cayman Islands.• Those holding a valid re-entry permit are not required to produce a visa.

Cayman islands dating service

Below is an outline of the service we provide for Arrivals and Departures.

As we refine our services to enhance the programme, both the outline below and cost are subject to change.

To make your trip to the Cayman Islands as smooth as possible, please have the following items ready upon your arrival. Cruise passengers entering the Cayman Islands are not required to have a visa.

Passport/Proof Of Canadian Citizenship) • Immigration Card (Provided By Airline Staff) • Customs Declaration Card (Provided By Airline Staff) If you require a passport, you should ensure it is valid for six months after your planned date of return.

Upon arrival, you must retain the immigration card given to you.

You’re advised to keep your card with your travel documents, as you may be required to present it to an Immigration Officer upon your departure.There may now be increased operational efficiencies in completing the dissolution within the current calendar year.Similar considerations may also apply to other types of Cayman entities.Prohibited immigrants to Cayman include: • Those declared destitute, mentally disordered or previously deported. • Those reasonably believed to be a prostitute or living on prostitution • Those who received a prison sentence of 12 months in another country.• Those declared to be undesirable for economic or moral reasons.For a Cayman Islands company to complete its dissolution by 31 December 2018, its voluntary liquidation will need to have commenced before 31 August 2018.

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