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Signs have been placed near the Terminal 2 entrances that will redirect passengers to the check-in desks located in Terminal 3. A free shuttle bus service operates all year, connecting the airport, the car parks and the Cargo City approximately every 15 minutes (from 1 am to 4 am only if called from the intercoms installed at the stops). Throughout the airport, in the arrivals, departures and transit areas, there are eleven information desks available with ADR staff operators.There are also some interactive multimedia (touch screen) totems, connected to the operator. ADR Assistance provides a service for passengers with reduced mobility.

In addition, you should check that the country you are travelling to does not require any vaccinations or a visa. EU legislation on the transport of liquids does not allow you to carry in your hand baggage more than 1 litre; the containers for creams, gels and other liquids should have a maximum capacity of 100 millilitres (1/10 of a litre, or 100 grams) and should be put in a sealable transparent plastic bag. In hand luggage it is prohibited to transport any type of fire-arm or knife, explosives and ammunition, unless they are accompanied by a permit issued by the competent authorities.

What are the customs limits for purchases at the airport?

There are places reserved for holders of the appropriate sticker on the Departures and Arrivals levels of the terminals for stays of a maximum of two hours.

To create better traffic flow and restrict access to areas reserved for authorized vehicles, ENAC and the local authorities, with the support of ADR, have launched an important new feature for the roads around Leonardo da Vinci Airport terminals: Restricted Traffic Area - Stop&Go To ensure passengers and companions safe and easy access to the airport, ENAC and the local authorities, with the support of ADR, have launched an important new initiative regarding traffic flow near the Leonardo da Vinci Airport terminals: the Kiss&Go area. You can pay directly at the exit barriers equipped with the easy Pass system: this is the fastest way to leave the car parks and allows the use of credit cards only, up to a maximum of 250 euro.

According to 100 Years of Nobel Prizes a review of Nobel prizes award between 19 reveals that (65.4%) of Nobel Prizes Laureates, have identified Christianity in its various forms as their religious preference.

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