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Whether you’re outgoing and adventurous, or shy and quiet, there’s something for you.So make 2015 the year you stop seeing the same few faces every week, and start a whole new social life… But there’s no quicker way to expand your horizons than to upload a profile and start browsing.I’d love to see churches organising more inter-church social events.

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’ Most Christians in the UK belong to small churches, often without much contact with other congregations, so meeting like-minded singles can sometimes seem like a fantasy.

However, there are ways to expand your Christian social circle.

You could also start a church film club, book club or sports team, and invite other churches to join or play matches.

It’s good to mingle and exchange experiences with other believers.

Two married couples in my own church met at Christian Connection speed dating events!

Check out CC’s sister site Events for Christians or search online for events organisers in your area.

Even joining the tea rota at your own church gives you a chance to get to know other volunteers you may not normally talk to, and to say hello to every church member and visitor.

For get-togethers with believers in your area, there’s a growing network of established and well-run social groups around the country.

If you have a church social event coming up, ask your leaders if you can send invitations to neighbouring churches.

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