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He faced our nightmare so we could live in the dream: unconditional love from our sufficient Savior.

The more you seek and experience the glory that comes from the only God, the more of an asset you will be to the hurting and broken around you in the church and the city.

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If you are no mortal man’s favorite, you are in good company.

Besides me, you’re also in the company of the one who was “despised and rejected by men.” Don’t waste the opportunity to be comforted by the great high priest who can sympathize with your weakness because he has experienced the full depths of rejection.

It provides a head start on being satisfied in God.

Part of the reason rejection hurts so much is because it’s tearing away from us the approval of men.

What a great gift that needy design is for continually driving us to God.

And what a terrifying distortion it is when we let it drive us to mere mortals.

If we want to know why we aren’t satisfied in Jesus, here’s his answer: You receive affirmation from creatures and don’t seek it from the only Creator.

That’s why I feel no hesitation in claiming that the pain of rejection we face in singleness is one of God’s sweetest gifts.

If we can fight the urge to comfort ourselves by scrambling for more human affirmation, we can use that hurt as an opportunity to drive us to seek our affirmation from God.

You will waste the rejection of singleness if you let the pain drive you to seek affirmation of worth from people instead of God.

God has designed this beautiful gift of singleness to highlight your need to be chosen and to underline the inadequacy of people to fill that need.

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