College dating in

Hookups should come as part of life and not a fundamental priority over studies.

Staying in control is the bottom line to lead a successful life in college as a freshman. It provides young high school graduates with goodies and liberty which they have desired throughout their teenage life. Despite dating is fun, the participants ought to be cautious since this may lead to some unintended consequences. The learning process in college surpasses what the curriculum bullet-pointed on the course outline.

Precisely, some crucial practical lessons learned in college happen far from the confines of the lecture halls.

The best impeccable thing to do is to maintain relevancy to the context.

College girls should admit and appreciate themselves without glaring the contribution of other ladies on the social media.

It is precise to fall in love with a douchebag and expect Prince Charming in the end.

Pigs will never transform into unicorns even with the application of lipstick.

It takes more than a courage and mature steps to text and asks a boyfriend if he will come to your birthday party.

Sharing their experience, the team of A fling in college can be fun, but it can lead to unintended consequences.

Mere text and vibe should not make them crazily falls in love with inconsiderate guys.

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