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Not the new deck overlooking the thick woods out back.

Not the rows of windows with a view that reminds you how great New England is. One thing is firm: Torro is suing the town of Bradford, fire Chief Mark Goldberg and the town Treasurer Marilyn Gordon – who happens to be the ex-inn owner – for million, claiming he’s been unjustly prevented from opening his business due to a laundry list of fire code violations.

Waterville Valley Resort is a gorgeous and open outdoor wedding event venue located in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire.

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Torro and Lehmann notified the media last month, looking to publicize their fight with town officials.

During our recent meeting at the inn, Torro, who’s spent most of his 60 years in Bradford, painted himself as a sympathetic figure, plagued by financial ruin, broken dreams, depression and divorce proceedings that continue to this day.“I went into a funk,” Torro said.

Facilities and Capacity There are multiple venues for you to choose from at Waterville Valley Resort.

Choose between mountain lodges, a brookside bistro and the Garden Terrace Tent.

The commercial asking price at that time, according to the lawsuit, was $600,000.

Then, when Gordon told Torro that the name “Candlelite Inn” was hers and off-limits to him, tensions, Torro suspects, mounted.

That’s not what happened, and now Torro wants to know why the promised tax relief disappeared after Gordon held a closed-door meeting with the select board.

He wants to know why he funneled more than 0,000 to spruce up the old inn and make it safer with upgrades like smoke detectors, while all along he should have been focusing on more expensive fire code issues, like sprinklers.“I was assured there were no issues, so I dove in and started putting money in,” Torro told me, with his lawyer, Rick Lehmann of Manchester, seated beside him at that long, near-empty dining room table.

When you look deep enough, meet the players involved, ask why no one’s enjoying the six bedrooms upstairs, nearly four years after the town landmark changed ownership, that’s when the chill creeps in.“I had this dream for my hometown” said Joseph Torro, who bought the inn in 2014 at a foreclosure auction. Torro said, among other things, that Gordon and Goldberg represent the very definition of a conflict of interest, since the two are dating.

“I just wanted to open a business, and here I sit today. He suspects they form a couple with great power in town, and as the inn’s former owner who was forced to sell due to financial troubles, Gordon wanted another shot to keep her business afloat.

Goldberg, meanwhile, said the plaintiff has no case, that he was sloppy during the preliminary stages before buying the inn and should have seen code problems coming from a mile away.“You have a person who bought the inn and said he did his due diligence when he bought the inn,” Goldberg said by phone.

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