Cougar match dating

If you are religious or political it is OK to indicate that here but I would shy away from indicating any extreme positions on unless you are absolutely only looking for someone with very similar beliefs.If that is case, you can also fill out the “Tell us more about your beliefs” box but I would leave it blank otherwise.

You want to list places that are solid potential date spots so that she can imagine the two of you spending time there as well as getting an idea of your interests. Favorite things and hobbies should be interesting activities that are not too controversial.

They should be adventurous, engaging, interesting, and make sense when combined with the rest of your profile on

A quick example: “I became a police officer because it looked cool on TV.

Little did I know that the truth is stranger than fiction.

You can skip the “recently read” section unless you have something very interesting to say.

Aside from the photos, this will be the most important part of your profile and what most women will read first.Choosing the right username is an often overlooked and underestimated part of the process.Picking a username that is optimistic, engaging, or interesting is the best way to go here.This is the area that will use when searching for cougar profiles to match you with.Since you can do your own search of cougars in your area later it is best to but within a range that you would be comfortable driving/traveling to meet an attractive older woman.Hair color and eye color should all be answered honestly as there is no reason to lie. Both should be answered truthfully but there is some room for interpretation with body type on

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