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- A good discussion of this question along with some class activities -- by the way, Russia has a larger surface area than Pluto. " - Here is a good article from subscriber Robert Cialdini which describes techniques he refers to as pre-suasion. A field exercise - Robert Levine passed along this link to a Teaching of Psychology article written by Levine, Nathanael Fast, and Philip Zimbardo describing a very engaging exercise for students.

Several scenarios illustrating these ideas are included that can be used with students. "The assignment requires students to set themselves up as targets of a professional salesperson or other persuasion expert and to analyze their experiences using fundamental social psychological concepts." Good stuff! You can also read about how your students can enter next year's contest.

Times that I have used these cues include when I told them that there would be a lot of people attending this program (comparison-other people are doing it so I should too) and that if they were in the first fifty girls to register (commitment-they must physically sign up and so will want to stick with it) then they would receive a free t-shirt (reciprocity-if they come for me, I will get them a t-shirt). They would set up whole Power Point presentations and such.

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But then kids started going to lunch and joking with their friends, went to another class, or worked on some homework, and I guarantee by the end of that day even some had forgotten or at least the initial fear had decreased significantly.

Well, unfortunately, shortly after that a Space Shuttle exploded and the campaign was pulled. First link is to a print ad for that campaign; here is a link is to an article mentioning the campaign was pulled; here is a tv commercial for that campaign.

These commercials were created or collected by the ad agency Benton & Bowles or its successor, D'Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles (DMB&B)."Presidential Ads from 1952-2004 - Even more impressive is this site providing video of campaign ads stretching back 50 years, and the site will be updated soon to include more recent ads. The tool costs money, but it appears fairly easy to learn and use.

"Presented by the American Museum of the Moving Image in cooperation with the Political Communication Center, University of Oklahoma." Public service announcements - This excellent resource provides a history of many of the public service announcements from the Ad Council over the last 60 years. From the Teaching High School Psychology blog: "In this demonstration, an actor effectively 'fools' a group of medical experts into thinking that he is also a medical expert and maintains the facade over an hour long talk.

blog points to an infographic on the web suggesting that certain colors used by marketers/advertisers mean and influence certain things. Subliminal advertising - interactive exercise (requiring students to download a program) exploring efficacy of self-help tapes (accompanies Social Psychology, Third Edition by Aronson, Wilson, and Akert)Neuroscience and influence - Here is an interesting podcast from BBC Radio about neuroscience research "asking if new knowledge about the human brain will allow us to make better choices or leave us open to ever more manipulation."Resisting persuasion - an interesting story told by a medical anthropologist who describes how those living in Myanmar (Burma) are manipulated emotionally by the State and the various ways people try to resist and survive Buschhhhhhhhh - This old Busch beer ad introduced during the Super Bowl and its follow up ads (e.g., oversharing, last word, indecision) capture a number of principles well such as humor, repetition, and the peripheral route. emotional appeal () - a good example Fear appeals - from Steven Ross' You Tube channel Cialdini Asks and Asks and Asks - a few videos from subscriber Robert Cialdini in which he interviews psychology researchers More videos from Robert Cialdini Noba Project video winners - As you may remember, the Noba Project has recently started conducting annual student video award contests for brief clips illustrating psychlogical principles. Elaboration Likelihood Model - [] Michael Britt created this nice, brief summary of the model.

Vintage TV ads - "Ad Views is a digital archive of thousands of vintage television commercials dating from the 1950s to the 1980s. I am also mentioning it because Michael used an interesting tool,, to create the animated video.

From Robert Cialdini -- lots of material for discussion in class Does Trump simply share attitudes or also amplify them? It is framed well to serve as a discussion starter in your classes.

When does repetition of misinformation become fact? Teaching persuasion through fundraising - This 75-minute activity from Debra Mashek teaches students "about the effectiveness of persuasion strategies while helping victims of a major natural disaster." This activity was awarded an honorable mention in the inaugural Action Teaching Award program from the Social Psychology Network.

In the first assignment students analyze a set of ads in terms of course concepts.

Heather points them to some good sources of ads online.

As we were learning about Cialdini’s cues, I quickly realized how many I have used on my residents to get them to come to the programs that I develop and host.

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