Dating 1970s ludwig drums

Ludwig would seek out the addition of another building to keep up with the manufacturing of their expanded catalog.That lead to reacquiring the old Ludwig and Ludwig building in Chicago located at 1611 N. Production spaces for their expanded drum and hardware catalog could now be accommodated to.

No 1975s -- unless you are talking the cut badges on metal snares. All of us who are serious about collecting Ludwig drums should really get Gier's guide as an adjunct to Cook's original work.

It is available from From Rob Cook (Rebeats) and from Rob via e Bay Recommended as ludwignut points out. I try to differentiate based upon the badge style (with or without the trademark registration symbol) and also the ones that have been trimmed.

Original receipts are rare, but very helpful when they are available.

The 1970’s marked the start of a new journey for Ludwig and presented yet another production boom.

Always remember that I am only reporting info I have gathered and try to avoid presenting anything as absolutely definitive.

I am always looking for new reports of drums so that we can document what was produced.For example, the 1970 badge without a serial number will not have the little registered mark (®) next to the Ludwig.That's something to check to confirm a 1970 (ish) year. Gier plots the badges without serial numbers and they are mostly 1970, although there are a couple from 1969 and a couple from late 1971.Along with these new shell concepts, Ludwig would revamp and redesigned various existing wood shell kits: Mach Series, expanded Classic outfits, Club Date, Standard, and Jazzette.The Atlas hardware line was also introduced, an evolved drum hardware line from the thin flat base stand design to a thicker sturdier tripod design.I recently bought some Ludwigs , Blue Olive Badges, Three Ply, Clear Interiors. There is no information on the inside of the drums. Thanks In the Ludwig Book by Rob Cook, badges without serial numbers were from 1971. I have a 22x14 bass drum with this badge, in sparkling burgundy pearl. Gier's guide replaces the serial number dating part of Cook's book.

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