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If we bother to reflect on all this, we may wonder how we got into such a mess and question our fundamental belief that pleasing is the road to acceptance.

Although there are other people who choose to be cooperative and kind, we don’t feel as if we have a choice.

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Some children learn to acquiesce merely by observing their parents’ actions with each other or another sibling.

When parental discipline is unfair or unpredictable, children learn to be careful and cooperative to avoid it.

Many of us are more sensitive and have a low tolerance for conflict or separation from parents due to genetic makeup, early interactions with parents, or a combination of various factors.

Unfortunately, becoming a people-pleaser sets us on a path of becoming alienated from our innate, true self.

We may have loved ones or friends who would become indignant and even retaliate if we were to say no.

Each time, it gets easier to agree when we rather not or to go along and not object.

Our need to be accepted, understood, needed, and loved causes us to be compliant and self-effacing.

We conclude, “If you love me, then I’m lovable.” “You” comes to mean just about everyone, including people incapable of love.

Accommodating others is so ingrained in us that stopping is not only difficult, it’s terrifying.

If we look around, we might notice other people who are well-liked and don’t people-please.

We can end up squelching entire chunks of our personality that are incompatible, like showing anger, winning competitions, exercising power, getting attention, setting boundaries, or disagreeing with others.

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