Dating a short person

When they return to the issue that made them angry, they will be able to address it with a clear head.

Warning, this does not work if they are angry with you (see bullet #1).8) Understand that what seems out of line to you may not seem unusual to him.

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" accusatorily, respond to anger by pointing out positives in the situation or asking questions to find out why your s.o.

seems to upset about something that seems trivial to you. see that the world isn't ending everything time something unexpected happens, they will be less angry.7.) If all fails, distract the angry monster.

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As someone who struggles with having a short temper, I can answer with how I would want to be treated. What's your first instinct when you don't feel heard? Two people shouting at each other is worse than one person losing his/her temper.3.) Suggest respectfully that you take some time to cool off and talk about the issue at another time (if it's a disagreement between the two of you).4.) Bring up the issue of anger management at a time when your s.o. Most people regret what they say and how they act in fits of temper.

A hot temper is an instant, momentary reaction to a stressor that depends on adrenaline for sustenance.

If you can get them to think about something else, their nerves will calm down without them noticing.

In my s.o.'s family, they give each other the silent treatment when they are angry (never an option in my family), and shouting is considered inappropriate.

This causes a lot of misunderstanding about how angry I actually am.

Too much sunshine can come off as heuristic, maple you with a new void on a first year, or simply take up way too much of your alpha and energy.

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