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Men, try to treat your new relationship as you would have treated any new relationship before your HCP ex taught you to walk on eggshells.

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He described divorcing his HCP first wife as “being paroled from prison.” While going through his divorce, he met a woman who he thought was “the ONE.” In his estimation, he’d finally found someone who could offer all the love and affection he’d been missing during his 6-year prison-sentence of a marriage.

In hindsight, this relationship was his “transitional” relationship; a relationship that helped re-build his self-esteem until he realized it wasn’t meant to be a long-term proposition.

This means that HCPs continuously draw their exes into their internal turmoil and drama regardless of the divorce and subsequent re-coupling.

Reality does not matter to the HCP, so it has to matter to you if you want any subsequent relationship to last and thrive.

2) Don’t allow your HCP ex to portray your new love interest as “the other woman.” While it’s important to keep your dating life separate from your HCP ex, it’s equally important that you not hide any serious girlfriends or significant others from the HCP.

This may sound like contradictory advice and, in a sense, it is.It also reinforces your HCP ex’s false belief that she still maintains the numero uno position in your life.My husband’s ex insisted that I call and introduce myself to her (a.k.a. She tried to position herself as the matriarch of their now-defunct family and make me one of her “subjects.” I refused and insisted that my husband introduce me to her in person, you know, like normal people do.Some divorcees continue to celebrate holidays and special occasions such as birthdays with their HCP ex.This, in my opinion, is a sure fire way to stay single.However, they are absolutely essential for you to have a happy and healthy new relationship.

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