Dating and marriage in sweden

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Sweden has the highest proportion of women in the labour force worldwide.

This is attributed to both job opportunities in the public sector and the support the government provides to women in the private sector.

Once the maternity/paternity leave is finished, public childcare institutions will step in at a low price.

This allows for both the male and female to return to work.

Sweden offers a large amount of maternity and paternity leave.

Thus, it is common for the father to take paternity leave to allow for the mother to return to the workforce.

A prospective partner's character is often an important factor.

Marrying for financial security or seeking family approval is not common.

The practice of ‘’ (non-marital cohabitation or ‘de facto’ relationships) is a socially accepted practice.

Since the late 1980s, sambo relationships have entailed nearly the same legal rights and responsibilities as marriage.

Divorce is relatively common in Sweden, and there is no social stigma around separating from one's partner.

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