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It’s very likely the exhausted singer slept in a fair number of the spool beds that would later bear her name.

Furniture casters are wheels that attach to the leg of a piece of furniture, allowing it to roll.

Oddly enough, the piece of spool furniture most significant in American history was not a bed, but rather a small table. Lee, in fact, did his signing at a marble-topped table across the room. By the time she returned to Europe, Jenny Lind’s name or likeness had been affixed to riding hats, cigars, dolls, perfume, and more.

Still, the association between spool-turned beds and the name “Jenny Lind” appears to be a 20th-century phenomenon, likely an attempt to conjure a connection to simpler times after the fact.

Stem casters mount inside furniture legs, while cup casters support the leg inside a sturdily constructed cup.

Made from solid brass with wheels available in brass, wood, rubber or porcelain.

Henkels placed a special bed—actually, a carved Rococo piece with a side canopy—in Lind’s hotel, and later gave it to her as a gift or, in a divergent ending, vowed to name it after her.

A second story centers on a common, early 19th-century mahogany spool bed donated in 1969 to the Geneva (New York) Historical Society.Several bits of folklore connect the opera star with specific beds.The most widespread asserts that Philadelphia furniture manufacturer George J.American efforts included three-legged, ball-turned “joint” stools common in 17th-century homes, as well as squarish Cromwellian chairs with a tacked leather back and button-turned legs and spindles.More elegant styles superseded spool turning in the 18th century.The donor cited family lore that said Jenny Lind used the bed during a visit to the home of a well-heeled industrialist in Derby, Conn., not so far from Barnum’s hometown of Bridgeport.

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