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If you can understand how to tell if someone has autism, you'll be better equipped in knowing how to react and behave in certain situations.

If you think you might have autism spectrum disorder (ASD), knowing what to look out for can help you get a diagnosis from a medical professional.

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If someone you love acts differently than most people, you might wonder what the cause is.

You may ask yourself if they are on the autism spectrum.

I've heard so many people say, "I'm better off with my own kind!

", but one of the greatest things about neurodiversity is that we get to learn from others.

is a writer, performer, and teacher who loves writing and performing personal narratives.

Dating can be hard enough as it is, but when you're living on the autism spectrum, it can be even harder.

Social cues can be hard to read and sometimes it's difficult to get a message across, so you can only imagine how tricky it would be when flirting or being in a relationship.

Ruby is on the autism spectrum and told that communication can be really hard and you often assume that people see things the same way you do - even when they don't."It could be that I have a conversation with someone that I think went really well, and then I hear that they were really upset or they don’t talk to me," she said."Especially when I was a teenager, I’d think that I was establishing a friendship, and then I would never hear from them again, and I wouldn’t understand what had happened." Autism is neurodevelopmental condition that affects the way that people interact with other people and their environment and affects about 1 in 150 people.

The clinicians also get an in-depth history of the person's childhood background.

Romana said diagnosis can make people feel very relieved.

The autism spectrum includes people with Asperger's, and is referred to as a spectrum because people have different levels of severity and may need different levels of support.

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