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The bow was of considerable strength, with limbs of 35 mm width and 14 mm thickness mid-limb.

The ear shape is interesting, and not very typical for Ottoman bows while the rest of the bow's body is classic Ottoman of the 16th century.

On the flip side though, for every person who moves away, a new one moves here.

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” Welcome to SF where “maybe” means “no” and “yes” means “maybe” and the only way your date is ever going to actually happen is if you have a reservation at Lazy Bear and/or the person has no better offers. Definitely don’t get attached to anyone you date in San Francisco because no one who moves to San Francisco actually stays in San Francisco.

So unless you want to move back to Boston or up to Portland (which, hey, maybe you do), you’re probably going to be heart broken in one year.

It comes with two medium range target arrows with conical iron arrowheads, it is hard to say whether they belong to the bow originally but they look as if they could.

This type of arrow was used for shooting the traditional , a so-called "overdraw device" that was peculiar to the Ottomans.

Like the arrows, it is hard to say whether the originally belongs to the bow.

A number of similar Ottoman bows are preserved in the Staatlichen Kunstsammlungen in Dresden.

Unfortunately if our bow had a signature, it is most likely gone lost with the decoration on the ears.

It does bear a striking resemblance to the decor of these bows and most likely dates from the same period and just maybe even the same workshop.

The guys in San Francisco, not ALL of them, but a LOT of them, don’t open doors, walk on the proper side of the sidewalk, or stand up when the woman gets up from the table.

But then again, why should they since the women in SF seemingly don’t care?

How else are you supposed to ask someone if they want to get pizza and bang?

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