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Amongst its bronze and stone Buddhist sculpture, the museum hosts the earliest known dated Buddha sculpture from China, dating to 338.Additionally, it contains a formidable collection of Chinese textiles, lacquers and objects made of cloisonné, ivory, bamboo and glass.Asian streaming company M17 Entertainment, which recently merged with Singapore-based dating startup Paktor, has closed a million Series A round.

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China is another target, despite intense competition from well-funded rivals and government regulation.

Beyond the money, it has inked a partnership with KKBOX Group, which operates Asia-focused music/video streaming services and a talent agency.

The round was led by existing investor Infinity Venture Partners from Japan, with other existing backers Vertex Ventures, Yahoo Japan, and Majuven.

New investors Golden Summit Capital and Korea’s KTB Ventures joined, too.

Thanks to the merger deal, M17 has quite a complicated cap table.

M17 had previously raised million from investors, while Paktor, which operates Tinder-like dating apps in Asia and across other global markets, took in over million.

Its streaming service is currently available in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, but it currently includes only streamers from Taiwan.

Tech Crunch understands the plan is to open it up to streamers based in Japan, Hong Kong and Indonesia in the near future.

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The museum holds nearly 300 Chinese ritual bronzes, some almost 3,000 years old, including a rare Bronze Age rhinoceros-shaped vessel associated with the last king of the Shang dynasty.

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