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Just like the one below (unless it has been changed since I wrote this review).

It will only take you about 90 seconds to complete, after which you are presented with a few questions that have been designed to find out a little more about who you are, and the person that you are looking for.

And this was still at a time when online dating was talked about in hushed tones.

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The site claims over three million member profiles worldwide listed and with pictures - however many of these are no longer active.

Dating Direct was taken over early in 2007 by, and unfortunately since that time, membership number have fallen.

The large majority of members are looking for a relationship for the long-term, this is not really a one-night-stand dating site.

The first time that you visit the website you’ll find a very simple sign-up form to fill out.

And last year both sites were upgraded and now share the same site features and functionality.

Members of both sites are also shared together on one single database.What many people don’t realize about Dating, is that the site is actually an almost perfect clone of In fact, if you have already read my review – then there’s no need for you to read any further because it’s practically identical.In 1999 UK entrepreneur Darren Richards realised his dream by launching one of the UK’s first dating sites – Dating Within three months it had more than 40,000 members, and by 2003 it had over 800,000 members in the UK.You'll need to set aside a good 20-minutes to complete all parts of the questionnaire. Once inside, simply input where you are, who you are looking for and where, and your matches will appear. The picture is on the same page as the profile, with all of the details spelled-out underneath.

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