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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.basically I am curious about how many people would date some one who was say missing an arm or a leg, esp if it was a pre existing thing, ie before you knew them.

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he might be in the "exempt" status, nothing is worse than that.

thank you for sharing you insight on this so you are one of those people, the type who bait others into a battle by giving partial truths then letting them have it when you get them surrounded? OT: I wouldn't have a problem dating someone that was handicapped in some way.

I cannot say that I would date someone that truthfully I was freaked out by. I have no problem dating a paraplegic or an amputee or someone with MS or parkinsons. again I'm not infering the "lowering" of standards either. I am only saying that I would not date someone who" once again, for lack of better words." could not match me in my life, as it is day to day, not claiming I am right, not even claiming I am better, I am only being open about something and am asking for others to share their thoughts and feeling as well as their perspective on the whole thing. My sincere advice is don't ever refer to their children as disfigured or deformed in their presence. He's a wonderful boy, and is very popular at school, and outside of school.

Most of the time when a deformed person finds a mate, it is love, and it last. I take exception to words like disfigured and deformed. My daughter is a quadraplegic with severe developmental delays. But she is nice person..are not." At the end of the day when we are old,our looks fade and we use walkers or wheel chairs ourselves..we are eating slop thru a tube and expelling it into a disposable left that matters? One was missing a limb but would never devulge the real reason. My daughter IS as she was BORN...whole...exactly as she is. Indeed it is my uncles fault he has a head injury .chose to get into a vehicle commanded by a drunk driver. She is in early respiratory failure due to the nature of her disablility. But she will take more with her(and leave far more behind)when she goes than some others. I imagine that he won't have trouble with girls growing up as he is very personable and willing and able to have conversations with the girls.

they often loose teeth because they grind them and after a while wear away the enamel then it all down hill from there. some things you just cannot know untill you face it head on. So there is someone for everyone if they look long enough. I was run over ~30 years ago, and because of spinal damage I'm paralyzed below my right knee and wear a shoe/brace (goes under my slacks). When my uncle suffered a serious head injury,some family members felt my aunt should stay with him. Abusive,sexually inappropriate,foul mouthed(even by my standards) I called my aunt and had a long heart to heart with her about her and her needs. Not because he is disabled but because she was being abused. , I thought there was nothing "wrong" with being disabled.[quote Destiplex, there is a huge pool of millions of men who will never be married in every country.

or for another example if they had a prosthetic nose, mainly just something that was very evident. Most of the time when a deformed person finds a mate, it is love, and it last. In my case I saw that I was not as accepting and open as I generally think I am. I've found that it bothers some people and it doesn't bother others.their people pull it off as a "badge of honor"... She did and at least one of them is happy instead of both of them miserable. You might think they could lower their standards and find a disabled female. Any investigation will reveal that all young disabled females easily find a boy friend]I'm not trying to single out a specific sex. I have networked with many other parents of children with disabilities.

Any woman I can fit on my bike is eligible for my affection. So there is someone for everyone if they look long enough.[So there is someone for everyone if they look long enough.] Ideally that would be true, but how many people are really truthful about themselves? Females over a certain age are no longer reproductively viable and not dateable I don't know about all that, there are two women to every man on Earth? I have made peace, that though I can accept others as they are I want a mate who is my "equal" for the lack of a better i'll probably be bussier than a one legged man in an A## kickin contest, trying to explain the use of the word "Equal." I'd rather date someone with a physical impairment than an emotional one. its not to punish or hate the ignorant but to enlighten them.

If she can't hang on I can lash her to the sissy bar.suppose it were a more taboo thing like false teeth. ie a boxer or a hockey player, or an ex meth addict. I mean how many people can see themselves objectively and see the good and bad in themselves? like fencing large part I think that once you get past the initial shock the way the "disfigured" person handles themself... I just want to know if you could overcome your "natural" self and date someone who had some type of thing like I had mentioned earlier on? Some guys look perfectly normal.are TWISTED inside. I look at her and it breaks my heart to know that she will have her first kiss,a high school sweetheart,puppy love,she won't walk down the aisle(or roll) Why?

You can attract women by being confidence and happy and having a good sense of humor.

I don't know about the other women on here, but I certainly wouldn't write a man off because of an ear deformity.

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