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According to his secretary Ma Anand Sheela, the real number worldwide of those initiated followers was no more than thirty thousand.

A drawback evident in some of Rajneesh books was the incorporation of lewd or "dirty" jokes in the guru's discourses, and including both the scatological and rapist variety.

The same critic links the misleading statement of Rajneesh with "his noted anti-Semitism, revealed in private slurs to close insiders and to his [neo]sannyasins and the public in his endless telling of racist jokes." The guru gave a notorious lecture in Poona which asserted that the Jews had given Hitler "no choice" but to exterminate them (the source here is critic C. Rajneesh made such contentious assertions as: "Those who are poor are themselves responsible for their poverty" (, chapter 24).

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If over 600 books is proof of profundity, as partisans say, then the lifestyle of the author is surely relevant.

Further, analysis of phraseology found in the books is also appropriate.

The guru accused Buddha's teaching of causing poverty, sickness, and death for the people influenced by him (, chapter 22).

Conway points out that India was wealthy for many centuries after the rise of Buddhism.

The Rajneesh books are useless for the history of various mystical traditions referred to, e.g., Zen, Sufism, Taoism.

Many of the books derive from the guru's prolific discourses of the 1974-81 phase at the controversial Poona (Pune) ashram. Partisans said that they found this treatment helpful because Rajneesh bypassed theological issues.The content in three of his later works was reportedly delivered under the influence of nitrous oxide.The familiarity of Rajneesh with that gas drug during the 1980s is a subject of debate. The deceptions that can arise from self-love are so extensive that no proficient psychologist or conscientious citizen is exempt from cautionary scruple in this respect. The format often resembles a "new age" commentary, including such favoured slogans as "Love yourself." The ability of people to love themselves is not in dispute, but the exhortation is not praiseworthy.This period includes the phase of his 1988-89 celebration of Zen, his discourses on that subject being extended into over twenty volumes by an enthusiastic publisher.

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