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The most expensive thing we did together was go to Cancun for a mini vacation and stay at a private resort for the week.

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It wasn’t uncommon for us to spend a weekend together traveling to nearby Los Angeles or San Francisco just to get a change of scenery, though.

The most extravagant date activities were the restaurants we would go to.

There were no gifts after sex, but she did buy me nice boxers for when we did decide to move forward [physically]. Man B: When I first joined the site, I was dating many women at once while I sorted out what I liked.

Man B: Sex played a very normal part in our relationship. Like any other couple, intimacy played a part in our relationship. I will say we were both extremely attracted to each other, so without going into too much detail, we had sex often. But once I got into a relationship, I was exclusive.

She was unlike any of the other women my own age I had dated. She clearly cared about the way she looked from head to toe. Man C: My Sugar Mama is an amazing woman and I like to think I would be attracted to her regardless of her financial status.

Since I was specifically looking for an elevated dating experience I think her financial status added to the attraction, but she is pretty and smart and very sweet so I got pretty lucky.Here, three twentysomething men who met Sugar Mamas through the Sugar Baby dating site, Seeking, explain what the experience was like: Man A: Twenty-two. I saw them traveling with their partners and having fancy dinners. Once I read some articles about it, I signed up to see if I’d like it. I like to have conversations that go deeper than surface level and the women I’ve dated in my age group are always staring at their phones, or they're non-intellectual, or both.Man A: I went into this relationship knowing that I only wanted a short-term arrangement, but if I felt a deeper connection I would pursue a longer relationship. I wasn’t sure at first what the Sugar Mammas’ expectations would be, and I didn’t know if I’d connect with someone right away.Man C: I went in looking for a long-term relationship.[We had sex] whenever the both of us were in the mood. Man C: We both were obviously attracted to each other, and once we were ready to take that step we did. Man A: I had no serious relationships during the time that I dated my most recent partner. Man C: Like I said, I’m a serial monogamist, so I never dated outside of my current relationship.

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